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So, you’ve hired your DJ, and your special day is here; everything’s done right? Not quite.

The most annoying, and unforgivable thing that could happen, is a DJ not being there on time, or providing inadequate services.

Prior to the event, you should first ensure the DJ knows the start time, and the time you expect him/her to be there. Additionally, ensure all the equipment needed is already rented/purchased, and that all the entertainers have been booked and confirmed for your event.

Ensure your DJ is dressed appropriately. Should he be in a tux, suit, casual, semi-formal, and so forth? It is also important to ensure the DJ is included in the meals for the day. Most ceremonies can be 5-8 hours longs, and the DJ is there before the food is served, during, and after. The last thing you want is a hungry, cranky DJ. You take care of your DJ, and your DJ will take care of you.

Now, I think any responsible DJ would decline alcohol at any event because after-all they are working, so this is a good policy to enforce, and remind. Adults should be responsible for themselves, and the decisions regarding drinking, however as this is your event, you’re the boss, and you hired them, you get to choose if you want someone to drink on the job or not.

Now, this day promises to be both wonderful, and hectic, so the last thing you need to worry about is the most seamless and fun part of the night: the music. But doing a quick check with your DJ to ensure everything is ok, reminds him he’s included in the festivities, and reassures you you’re in for a good night of partying.

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